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Welcome to RMS Coach ®

Thank you for choosing RMS Coach ® . RMS Coach ® is also known as AccompanEase ® (through R&H Theatricals) or RehearScore ® (through Music Theater International). Rest assured all three names reference the same piece of software developed by Realtime Music Solutions, LLC.

What is RMS Coach ® ?

RMS Coach ® is an easy to use software program that assists in the learning and rehearsal of theatrical musicals. The popularity of RMS Coach ® is due to its simple interface and wide range of features.

As soon as you receive RMS Coach ® it is ready for rehearsal. A simple click begins the music. You don’t need to be a pianist to use RMS Coach ® , yet you have complete control over tempo, score navigation, the isolation of individual parts, etc. RMS Coach ® plays not only the complete musical accompaniment, but all of the individual vocal parts and lines. As an aid to learning the music, RMS Coach ® allows the individual vocal parts to be isolated, muted, dynamically changed, looped, tempo adjusted, and grouped in a variety of ways. These rehearsal strategies make RMS Coach ® ideal for ensemble, sectional, or individual work sessions. Whether you’re on stage, in a rehearsal hall, or at home, RMS Coach ® is at your service!

What's New?

The latest version of RMS Coach ® adds a wide variety of aesthetic and functional improvements:

  • New interface, similar to our Sinfonia ® software.
  • The ability for users to tap along at their own tempo.
  • A more robust and higher-quality sound engine, powered by RMS Sampler ® , our proprietary sample playback engine.
  • An even higher degree of customization and control over your show.
  • New pencil tool for precision tempo editing.
  • The ability to easily share edits with your cast and production team.
  • The ability to run multiple shows from within the same installation of RMS Coach ® .
  • The ability to export tracks for use within RMS Mix ® desktop and mobile. RMS Mix ® is a fully-featured backing track software that integrates with both RMS Coach ® and Sinfonia ® . For more information, visit the RMS Mix ® page.

Who Should Use RMS Coach ® ?

Whether you are a music director, choreographer, or cast member, RMS Coach ® will become your personal assistant as you prepare for performance. Because everyone learns differently, RMS Coach ® was designed with extraordinary flexibility.

Benefits of using RMS Coach ®

No Rehearsal Pianist

RMS Coach ® is ideal for situations where a rehearsal pianist is unavailable. However, the benefits of RMS Coach ® don't end there. In the hands of a rehearsal pianist or music director, RMS Coach ® becomes the rehearsal assistant. This allows a pianist or music director numerous ways to interact with the ensemble and to enhance the learning process. With or without a pianist, RMS Coach ® is a versatile and flexible rehearsal assistant.

Individual Practice

Because RMS Coach ® is a software program, it may be installed on almost any modern computer. It is easy to take RMS Coach ® into a private practice room and have your singer work one-on-one. Using the computer's internal speakers, a small playback system, or headphones, a singer can take advantage of all that RMS Coach ® offers … and at his or her own pace. In this scenario, RMS Coach ® is invaluable.

Save Multiple Versions of Your Show

If you are performing a show with an understudy who can't quite hit that top note, that's easy to accommodate in rehearsal with RMS Coach ® ! Have multiple copies of songs or even of your entire show, with different keys, or even different vamps and repeats.